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Shepherd Beyond Your Flock: Touch Lives Globally

Pastor, your call extends beyond the church walls. Live Faith Media empowers you to share your light with a global audience, offering guidance and support to individuals seeking faith-based counsel across the globe. Imagine extending your ministry’s reach, touching lives through online coaching, and shaping a community of faith that transcends borders. Partner with us and watch your impact ripple across continents, transforming hearts and fostering spiritual growth in unexpected corners of the world.

Tech-Savvy Support

We leverage online platforms to connect you with clients worldwide, expanding your reach beyond physical limitations.


For 20 years, we've helped thousands of faith-based brands blossom online.

Tailored Coaching Programs

We create personalized programs that cater to your unique strengths and the specific needs of your global clients.

Budget Friendly

We work with every single budget. Why? Because this is simply our calling!

Pastor, have you ever…

  • Dreamt of extending your ministry’s reach beyond your local community, but felt limited by geography and resources? We provide the platform and tools to connect with individuals yearning for your guidance, wherever they may be.
  • Ached to help those struggling with their faith on a global scale, but unsure how to bridge cultural differences and language barriers? We equip you with the skills and resources to sensitively navigate diverse cultural contexts and offer universal counsel grounded in faith.
  • Frustrated by limitations in existing counseling models, yearning for a faith-based approach to online coaching? We create tailored programs that integrate your spiritual wisdom with effective coaching techniques, offering impactful support to those seeking your guidance.
  • Longed to use your talents to build a global community of faith, united by shared values and supported by your online ministry? We help you connect with individuals yearning for belonging and faith-based guidance, fostering a supportive community that transcends borders.

Live Faith Media is your global shepherd’s staff, Pastor. We’ll arm you with the tools and expertise to share your message and guidance with the world, enriching lives, sparking spiritual growth, and fostering a global community united in faith.

Ready to embark on your global ministry journey and touch lives across continents? Contact Live Faith Media today for a free consultation and start shaping a brighter future for individuals seeking your guidance, wherever they may be.