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Give your church the attention it deserves online. Reach more people, empower your congregation and make global impact!
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How We Work
Millions of souls online await your message! We make it EASY as 1-2-3 for them to connect with you!

Attract new members, boost engagement, and grow your church with a modern, mobile-friendly website.

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// Why Choose Live Faith Media?

It's not just business. It's Advancing God's Kingdom!

We’re not just marketers; we’re committed to amplifying your message and fostering faith through digital media. We’re more than just digital marketing experts; we’re your partners in ministry. See samples below of churches we have helped transform their online presence.

Willow Creek Church
Dominion Church
Latter Day Church
Christian Author
Life Coach
RCCG Church Detroit
RCCG Church - Houston
City Church - Chicago, USA
Elevate Conference
// Start Seeing Results ASAP!

Immediate Benefits For Your Church!

1. Spark Growth and Engagement:

  • Attract new members: A modern, welcoming website makes your church discoverable and inviting to newcomers.
  • Boost community involvement: Interactive features and engaging content foster deeper connections among existing members.
  • Increase online giving: Streamlined donation options make supporting your church easier and more secure.

2. Amplify Your Message:

  • Share your faith boldly: Professional design and compelling storytelling showcase your mission and values effectively.
  • Reach beyond physical walls: Live streaming and online outreach tools extend your reach beyond local boundaries.
  • Become a digital hub: Create a central information and resource center for your congregation.

3. Simplify and Streamline:

  • Save time and resources: Eliminate outdated website management headaches with user-friendly tools.
  • Focus on ministry, not technology: Invest in a platform that empowers your team to manage everything effortlessly.
  • Stay connected without the hassle: Easily share updates, schedules, and announcements with your entire community.

4. Enhance the Worship Experience:

  • Create a virtual sanctuary: Offer online sermons, hymns, and prayer sessions for those unable to attend in person.
  • Foster deeper reflection: Provide interactive study materials and spiritual resources for personal growth.
  • Strengthen the feeling of unity: Build a stronger online community where members can connect and share their faith.

5. Make a Lasting Impact:

    • Leave a positive first impression: A professional website projects a trustworthy and welcoming image of your church.
    • Invest in your future: A lasting digital presence ensures your church continues to thrive for generations to come.
    • Become a beacon of hope: Share your message of faith and inspiration with the world through your online platform.

What's Inside This Website Special.

Our team can assist you in transforming your business through latest tech capabilities to stay ahead of the curve.

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What you can expect from this promo

"Unveiling your church's heart online. We'll listen to your vision, understand your needs, and craft a strategy that speaks your truth."

"Leave the tech to us. We'll dive deep into your requirements and translate them into a stunning online sanctuary."

"No cookie-cutter designs here. We'll personalize your website to reflect your unique faith and inspire your community."
"From vision to reality. Witness your church's online presence come to life with a custom-built test website."

"See it before you believe it. Refine your website with real-time feedback before launch, ensuring perfect harmony."

"Experience the power of your message. Your test website will be a beacon of faith, ready to illuminate your community."
"From vision to vibrant online community. We'll launch your website within 7-14 days, igniting your ministry's digital journey."

"No waiting, just wowing. Witness your church's transformation as we unlock your online potential, swiftly and seamlessly."

"Spread the word, share the light. Your website will be live in no time, ready to touch hearts and inspire action."

What if you don’t take action?

😞 Being Stuck with an outdated, traffic-killing website.
😞 Struggling to connect with new members online.
😞 Hearing the clinking of empty donation boxes.
😞 Falling behind other churches with strong online presence.
😞 Watching Your YouTube Sermons & Social Media engagement plummet

Why is this a steal?

✅ Affordable: High-quality website for a quarter of the price!
✅ Results-driven: Designed to boost traffic and engagement.
✅ Hassle-free:  Easy CMS, hosting, and maintenance included.
✅ Proven: See testimonials from happy church clients.
Limited time: Don’t miss this incredible offer!
✅ Trusted: Live Faith Media – experts in church websites.
// our satisfied clients

We are Trusted In
15+ Countries Worldwide

Willowcreek Church
Willowcreek Church
Live Faith Media and the Leoserv team have been an invaluable partner for our church. Their website development not only modernized our online presence but also made it user-friendly for our congregation. Their commitment to excellence shines through in every project.
RCCG North America
RCCG North America
Live Faith Media's graphic design services have been a true asset. They consistently deliver visuals that align perfectly with our brand. Their creativity and attention to detail have significantly enhanced our communication materials.
Latter Day Church
Latter Day Church
Live Faith Media and the Leoserv team have been instrumental for our church's digital marketing, especially during the pandemic. Thank you team for your great work.
Edwina James
Edwina James
Live Faith Media's graphic design services have been a true asset. They consistently deliver visuals that align perfectly with my brand. Their creativity and attention to detail have significantly enhanced my coaching materials.
Dr. John Aniemeke (MD)
Dr. John Aniemeke (MD)
Author & Pastor
Live Faith Media played a pivotal role in the successful designing of my book cover and promotion of my books. Their digital marketing strategies resulted in increased visibility and sales. Their team's expertise and genuine passion for impactful storytelling set them apart.
WOW Phillipines
WOW Phillipines
We could have gone with someone cheaper in the Phillipines, but Live Faith Media was highly recommended and over the years have been our reliable partner for various digital marketing services for our annual WOMEN OF WISDOM conference. Their expertise in website development, social media management, and graphic design has significantly contributed to our brand's success. Working with them has been a pleasure.
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy
I started my coaching journey for men's empowerment during the pandemic, and these guys were able to understand my vision and help me get started with all the marketing materials I need and now looking to leave my 9-5 and focus on coaching fulltime.


How can Live Faith Media assist me if I already have an existing website?

Answer: If you've got a website up and running, Live Faith Media can help elevate it and you will have little to no downtime once we LAUNCH IT LIVE. We'll collaborate to update and enhance your site, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your ministry's goals.

If I'm currently using hosting from another provider, how can Live Faith Media support me?

Answer: No worries if you're on a different hosting platform. You can keep your current host if you have a suitable hosting plan.  However, should you decide to host with us, we'll handle the migration process, making sure your website transitions smoothly to our affordable hosting services without any disruptions. 

Are there custom packages available beyond the website revamp?

Answer: Absolutely! We get that every ministry is unique. Live Faith Media provides custom packages tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you get exactly what your ministry requires. Click here to view our other services

Do you provide specialized packages for individuals without a church or ministry, such as authors or life coaches?

Answer: Yes, indeed! Live Faith Media offers specialized packages for individuals like authors or life coaches. We understand that ministry comes in various forms, and our packages can be tweaked to suit your unique needs. Click here to get started or schedule a consultation.

Can you explain the process of creating a personalized digital marketing strategy for my ministry?

Answer: Let's break it down! We'll start by understanding your ministry's goals and audience. Then, we'll craft a personalized digital marketing strategy, incorporating elements like social media, content creation, and SEO to help your ministry shine online.

Are there any hidden fees or unexpected costs associated with this web design promo?

Answer: Nope, nothing hidden here! Live Faith Media is all about transparency. Our pricing is straightforward, and we won't spring any surprises on you. Any extra costs will be laid out clearly before we move forward.